Sep. 13th, 2010

cmshaw: DC Comics: Impulse rips open bright Xmas presents, crying out: "For Me?" (Which Ones Are For Me? This One?)
so i have been waaaaaay too quiet this summer, i know, and i have no big and exciting (or even amusing) excuses for it.

but, well, if you want to post more to make up for me, i can offer dreamwidth or ao3 invite codes! just ask!
cmshaw: DC Comics: Batman lurks, suggesting the explanation: "Because it's fun?" (Batman likes fun)
i'll bet you thought i forgot all about this, didn't you. (yes, this is the first square i've filled on my card!)

iconset: 10 plus 1 batman/catwoman 100x100 icons
kink: locks/chains (specifically, handcuffs)
content notes: (skip) nonconsensual-ish (yet playful) handcuffing, bonus exhibitionism
use: anyone may use or modify any of these icons; please credit cmshaw

The Batman Strikes #13: Catwoman fondles the handcuff around one of her wrists see the rest )