Jul. 21st, 2012

cmshaw: Homestuck: Roxy sips a classy martini under the words "Your breasts are an ocean" (Your breasts are an ocean)
Hopefully to no one's surprise, Homestuck as an interactive fiction game à la Colossal Cave (or, perhaps more famously, Zork (1977)) is pretty much just Homestuck: Now With A Thin Pretense Of Free Will.

You can play "John: 8e a gentleman" online here:

Or, if you already have (or want to acquire) a z-machine interpreter then you can download the game file in either format: zblorb or z8.

And yes, it's possible to play through this game and win it. :)

And yes, if I spend this long on the motherfucking sylladex code, you'd better believe I will be making more of these Homestuck i-f games!