Mar. 6th, 2013

cmshaw: DC Comics: Roy, Jason, Kori, and Kori's fabulous hair go walking (Threesome with Hair)
Forty-four icons from DC Universe Presents Arsenal! Gorgeous, gorgeous art by Ricken, which I hope is the launch of a full-time comics gig, and great Roy story by Joe Keatinge.

(Icons contain spoilers for this issue. Also note: bondage, violence, blood. None of these icons are animated. All SFW. As always, feel free to use and edit any icons.)

Close-up on Roy (not) being modest Roy puts up his fists against the unfairness of it all Kneeling Roy holds up his chained hands in supplication Dialogue bubble: 'I even left a note on the fridge! You saw the note, right, Starfire?'
and forty more! )