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iconset: 18 Wonder Woman 100x100 (ish) icons
meta: finding my kinks in the creation of these icons
kink: locks/chains
content notes for iconset and for meta: (skip) locks/chains and the breaking thereof; bondage and the breaking thereof; non-consensual superhero captivity and the perving thereon
icon use: anyone may use or modify any of these icons; please credit cmshaw
meta beta: thanks to [personal profile] lightgetsin
yes, yes: given an entire year and a 5x5 card, i did manage to fill just one square, it's true, but i filled it three times!

Captured by demons (vol. 2 issue 63)a chain drapes over Wonder Woman's thigh and is bolted around her wrist a close-up on Wonder Woman's hand ripping apart a chain Wonder Woman flings out an arm, snapping the chain that bound her
Wonder Woman television show
("The Murderous Missile" screencap* &
"Wonder Woman Meets Baroness Von Gunther"
promo picture)
a close-up on Wonder Woman's hand pulling on a chain until the links break open Wonder Woman, chained to a chair, seems wryly amused; caption along left side: '...seriously?' (black&white)
Meeting Circe (vol. 2 issue 19)Wonder Woman, hanging from a chain in manacles, kicks a monster away Wonder Woman, hanging from a chain in manacles, says 'But an Amazon does not die easily!' Wonder Woman bursts a chain apart, crying 'No more!!' as a skull flies away
Hippolyta's origins (vol. 2 issue 72)
Metal is also a shield (Trinity)
panel 1: Hippolyta is chained in the corner; front: Hippolyta pulls against the chains; panel 2: Aphrodite's lightning turns the chains to flowers Wonder Woman, wrapped in immense chains, deflects a bullet (CHANK! PING!)
Amazons in captivity (Elseworlds: Amazonia)a chain shatters between a woman's hands with the sound CHAK! animation: four images of chains shattering between women's hands with the sounds SNAK! CHAK! CHIK! KNAK! Wonder Woman wields a chain like a whip, with a large white area available for customization
Diana bound by a male (vol. 2 issue 95)animated: 'Don't worry. I had one of my men weld her bracelets together. It's well known that if a male binds an Amazon, she loses her powers.' THWOK! PTANG! 'Don't believe everything you read.' Diana snaps her chains (PTANG!) with the Wonder Woman logo on the left
Versus organized crime (vol. 2 issue 97)Diana rips a chain from a well-dressed woman's leg, centered on the woman's legs Diana rips a chain from a well-dressed woman's leg with a KLANG! Diana rips a chain from a well-dressed woman's leg, close-up on the chain and the woman's high-heeled shoe

Meta: Putting together this icon set was a really interesting challenge. As you know, Bobbi, Wonder Woman is a classic canon for bondage themes, so it was the first thing I turned to when I thought about the "locks/chains" square on my bingo card. There's a lot of rope bondage as well, but for obvious reasons most supervillains reach for the solidity of metal when trying to restrain a superhero of Wonder Woman's caliber, and I found no shortage of material. The first sequence I started working on was the "Captured by demons" line, in which Wonder Woman is, as you might guess, captured by demons: they are looking for a mortal body for one of them to inhabit. In the key portion, she's chained by each wrist to the bottom of a prison box but left unguarded because she's faked a concussion; as soon as she's alone, she breaks free. The first icon in that line is a crop from a beautiful shot of the drape of the chains across her body while she's waiting for her captors to leave, and the longer I spent looking at it the more uncomfortable I became. In fact, I put the Wonder Woman icons aside entirely for almost a year and made a set of Batman/Catwoman handcuff icons instead.

This Wonder Woman storyline was a two-part story from 1992 (Wonder Woman Volume 2: special 1 guest starring Deathstroke and issue 63). When I started my locks/chains bingo square I deliberately sought out this storyline because I recalled specifically enjoying the sequence with the chains and the prison bars. Seeing Wonder Woman captured hadn't made me uncomfortable then, and I discovered that going back and re-reading the story now in full didn't cause any particular discomfort -- what was bothering me was my new focus on the motionless images of restraint. In context, the motion is capture-restraint-breakout-smackdown. By taking the restraint images out of their action sequences, I was changing how I read them. In sequence, they are the backswing before the strike and I had picked images to capture that moment of anticipation, but taken as still images I found myself reading them without that potential, as the ends in and of themselves. And those moments, I discovered, are not actually my Wonder Woman bondage kink. For me, the satisfaction from her bondage sequences comes from the moments in which Wonder Woman bursts free from the restraints. When an image of restraint does not clearly include that release, it calls up in my mind a non-Wonder Woman-related kink framework that actively denies the release which I was anticipating: in fact, the more I liked the kinky image, the more frustrated and uncomfortable it made me in this context.

Once I realized that, shifting the iconic moment forward to the climax instead of the tease made a huge difference in how I felt about what I was creating. Compare the second icon in the "Captured by demons" line to the first: the chain bursting apart is, I feel, less aesthetically pleasing than the drape of the unbroken chain, but it is viscerally more pleasing to me -- and, I hope, to some of you who may share the specificity of this kink. Nearly all of these icons show the breaking of chains or the turnabout of the chain becoming the weapon of the chained. For an extra thrill, the specific use of metal adds to the drama of the release as it shatters with sharp noises and flying shrapnel!
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