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Hello, dear yuletide writer (and other people who may wish to read on)!

You have awesome taste in Yuletide offers, and therefore I think you're pretty awesome already. Salutations! (If you're not here to offer me Yuletide stories, well, hello anyway! I probably still like you.)

This year, I'm repeating a request from earlier years (Full Moon ni Sasayaite | Until the Full Moon) and making three new ones (Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, Mirabile - Janet Kagan, and American Vampire).


marlo!Full Moon ni Sasayaite | Until the Full Moon
David Vincent/Marlo Vincent

I'd really love something that addresses Marlo's gender identity. It doesn't have to be serious -- the canon certainly isn't! The shenanigans in the canon generally make me giggle a *lot*. I'd love to see Marlo and David hanging out with people who aren't trying to break them up -- perhaps more of Ira, since she seems to have apologized for her homophobic/transphobic flounce when Marlo dumped her? or Belicia, the not-actually-incestuous werewolf?

I have also read the @Full Moon sequels and enjoyed them muchly, if you'd like to pull in events or characters from there (especially Ingrid and Alan, with their wild kinky relationship!).

If this source is new to you: It's available in English as a two-volume manga set (and its sequel is also a two-volume set) currently in print with Kodansha.


hella! sweet!Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff

I am, of course, a Homestuck fan, but I have a ridiculous love for this webcomic which is completely separate from its existence as Dave Strider's creative vehicle. I would love to see more of the "world" of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, with more "people" -- okay, you know what, I can't keep putting "ironic" quotes around "everything" or this will degenerate faster than it already is. So, more of their world! More of their friends and games and dates and recipes! Be wacky! Create new memes! Recycle old memes as badly as possible!

I actually nominated this with Geromy and Sweet Bro's Mom as additional characters (they got lost in the shuffle, alas) if that helps you clarify my characterization position at all, although they are of course optional here. Incest is totally cool. Hipster racism not so cool. Serious answers to the question "how high do you have to be?" welcome. Were any democratic politician to have a rap solo I would be delighted.

Also, for what it's worth, I think Subway bread smells terrible. Never take me there on a date.

If this source is new to you: It's available online in its 44-page entirety.


mirabile!Mirabile - Janet Kagan

Capers! Capers capers capers! Please oh please let it be a new kind of Dragon's Tooth, the cooler the science the better. Maybe Susan's first big rescue? Or Leo's? Or Leo rolling back into town with another new Mirabilan animal and/or plant which causes trouble (and leads to makeouts with Annie, of course)?

I really love all of Annie's relationships: how into each other Annie and Leo are and how protective Annie and Susan are of each other in a fantastic revered teacher - best student way. I wouldn't mind seeing Leo and Susan working together (with or without Annie's supervision!) or any of the other jasons (or any raisers!) getting involved.

If this source is new to you: It's available as a novel which is actually six stories tied together, currently out of print.


pearl!American Vampire
Pearl Jones

I would really, really love Pearl being an awesome kick-ass vampire. I like the world-building with all of the different types of vampires with different strengths and weaknesses and I like how it's built on a semi-modern American West foundation (which could definitely stand to be explored and reworked -- I'd enjoy that too). And as a vampire Pearl is wonderfully portable -- you could take her just about anywhere and have some fun there.

I'm not as invested in the Survival of the Fittest characters, but I wouldn't at all mind Pearl cannonballing into their lives and fucking everything up, should that be what moves you. Or Pearl fucking up anyone's lives, really -- it would be cool to see her interacting more with other types of vampires, especially more ladies. Or Skinner or Henry (or both!) could get involved in Pearl's story again.

If this source is new to you: It's a currently in print comic book series from Vertigo; there are four trade collections out now, and Pearl features in the first three plus some of the more recent issues which aren't collected yet.


Oh -- and if you're looking for what I've been into these days, you'll probably find more of the goods on tumblr (often nsfw) (to be overwhelmingly up-to-date on my brain, try this link (also often nsfw and/or with homestuck/dc comics spoilers)!); for a historical overview, you could swing back along my yuletide tag. That's probably more than you wanted to know, though. Hmm! I never know how to say in these things, so I might as well crib from my own previous years' notes.... Here are some other things I like in fiction: case stories, love stories, and slice of life stories; queerness of any sort; people in or out of relationships who aren't jealous of other people; people being interesting. I know my source fandoms can sometimes have iffy things going on, but I feel they all have interesting things to offer. I don't mind explicit sex in the slightest, and violence is also okay short of (permanent) death. You don't have to go more explicit than canon for any, of course! I'm not set on any pairings or lack thereof in Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff or American Vampire; for Until the Full Moon I really want David and Vincent together (although they could include more people if you wanted) and for Mirabile I really want Annie and Leo together if the story is set during or after canon (although again, additional people are okay) -- not that relationships have to be the focus of the story, of course. Long and rambling is cool, but short and sharp also makes me happy!
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