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because procrastination is always seasonal, i present to you:

my top ten picks of homestuck vids of this year

(all of these vids contain violence, gore, and death. um. it's kind of homestuck's thing. also most of these characters are young teens.)

  • OMGROFLOLZORS: Everything You Know Is Wrong -- the best vid to explain andrew hussie's sense of humor while explaining nothing whatsoever about homestuck or problem sleuth. (contains strobing)

  • SydneytheAchick: Discord -- the best vid to explain the homestuck fandom's sense of aesthetics while explaining more than you might think about the plot of homestuck. (contains strobing)

  • kakashisfriend: ATOMiC ╝ -- the best vid to use all canon source to be both creepy and upbeat! (contains strobing)

  • DrFalsifairous: Starships -- the best vid for convincing me that some mep editors really can integrate multiple vidders into one great dance vid. (contains strobing, shaky cam, sfw underage sexuality) (also you'll have to click play twice to get past the warning)

  • kitsunetsuki: Dave Strider: Let it Rock -- the best vid for proving that dave strider is not a cool kid.

  • l1lxbunny: EET -- the best vid for proving that dave strider may not be a cool kid but he is a hero.

  • Elycien: Oh No, Vriska! -- the best vid for illustrating a single character with flawless perfection! (contains strobing)

  • AquilasCat: Crushcrushcrush- Scourge Sisters -- the best vid for a sociopath blaming everyone else for her relationship woes. (contains flashing, sfw underage sexuality)

  • AngryEevee: You Are Never All Alone -- the best vid to ever illustrate the touching tale of mother mary being reborn as the chainsaw-toting vampire best friend of the second coming of jesus. no, that's actually a completely serious statement.

  • realizingtheobvious: Fall Asleep to the War Drums -- the best vid about developing romance in the middle of a killing spree. (contains strobing)

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