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A mini rec set for the kink_bingo square "bodily secretions"!

One of the amazing things about Homestuck, fanart-wise, is the incredible color palette. Trolls are color-coded on the inside: blood, tears, and sweat all flaunt a troll's caste as they leave the body.

[preview thumbnail links to artist's page]Untitled ("things that i draw at 2 am") by muffinmachine

Troll vampires are called "rainbow drinkers" for a reason! And this lushly colored artwork of Kanaya Maryam, highly fashionable vampire lady, is the perfect explanation. You hardly notice it's a heart she's devouring.

[preview thumbnail links to artist's page]Untitled ("my way to fight artblock is to draw dumb tentabulgeporn") by sukka

No one knows what troll genitalia look like, but everyone agrees that they must also be colorful -- and now you can easily see that Karkat has earned six people's worth of technicolor spunk.

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gloss: undead troll girl looks abashed (HS: Kanaya embarrassed)
From: [personal profile] gloss
It took me an embarrassingly long time to appreciate "rainbow drinker".

Mmm, tentabulges.
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