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A rec for the kink_bingo square "emotion play".

[Homestuck - Gamzee and Karkat ] Fall Asleep to the War Drums by Kayla (realizingtheobvious)

There are a lot of things to love about this vid, but the one I'll draw your attention to today is its emotional flip. It starts with a terrifying Gamzee holding onto Karkat, seducing him and telling him to go back to sleep, to ignore Gamzee's demons because Gamzee will protect him from them. As it goes along, though, it swings around: Karkat comes into his own as war leader and as Christ figure, viciously protecting Gamzee from himself, and it ends with a powerful Karkat reaching out for Gamzee who has become the frightened (if not innocent) one.

content notes: characters under the age of 18 in kinky and romantic situations, self-harm; no other standard kink_bingo notes apply; also contains death, blood, injury; vid uses strobing effects.