cmshaw: DC Comics: Roy, Jason, Kori, and Kori's fabulous hair go walking (Threesome with Hair)
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Forty-four icons from DC Universe Presents Arsenal! Gorgeous, gorgeous art by Ricken, which I hope is the launch of a full-time comics gig, and great Roy story by Joe Keatinge.

(Icons contain spoilers for this issue. Also note: bondage, violence, blood. None of these icons are animated. All SFW. As always, feel free to use and edit any icons.)

Close-up on Roy (not) being modest Roy puts up his fists against the unfairness of it all Kneeling Roy holds up his chained hands in supplication Dialogue bubble: 'I even left a note on the fridge! You saw the note, right, Starfire?'

Close-up on Roy peering out of the frame Serious Face (with trucker hat) Roy is not so pleased with this Roy tips his trucker hat in acknowledgement (framing 2)
Roy tips his trucker hat in acknowledgement (framing 1) Serious Face (with trucker hat) running toward you Roy, a bit beat up, extends a hopeful hand Roy gives a cute grin
Close-up on handcuffs and chains and Roy's chest It's that Serious Face (with trucker hat) again, now with visible toolbox in hand Roy gazes upward in astonishment Roy is on the floor looking grumpy
Roy whistles as he kicks someone Roy mostly dodges a giant green fist Roy counts out twelve dollars Roy, flat on his back, reaches for a shard of glass (hand porn)
Roy lounges on a windowsill behind Fangfeng looking sassy Sad walk through the shadows Obligatory ass shot, with trucker hat and toolbox Roy kneels in broken glass, down but not out
Roy stands around being chained to the ceiling like it ain't nothing Roy has a saucy lean in that doorway Roy gets a hug from Killer Croc Killer Croc tells it like it is to sad Roy
Dialogue bubble: 'All right, jerks. I came for the Batman villain.' Dialogue bubble: 'You are totally NOT a Batman villain. I can see why people thought you were, but you are totally, totally not. This is SUPER embarrassing.' Roy says: 'Do you even know Batman? You're not really missing much. He's kind of a jerk.' Two dialogue bubbles, make your own context: 'I'm good with my hands.' 'The inhibitor...'
Sound effect: PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH Exposition box over beatdown: 'This certainly stopped going well.' Roy is hit in the face by a giant green fist, with sound effect KRAK Obligatory butt-first crash thought a windowpane
Dialogue emphatic bubble: '<A bunch of curse words which don't paint Roy in a flattering light!>' Dialogue bubble: '<He's found a toolbox!>' Exposition box: 'Whatever the 'foodie' equivalent of a guy-who-love-to-turn-lots-of-varied-objects-into-weapons is?' Box: 'That's me. Arsenal.' Roy throws up his hands, saying 'Oh, no need to thank me. Seriously.'
Starfire looks a little bored by this fight Koriand'r rubs sleep from her eyes Starfire stands in the light Kori, Jason, and Roy nap in the living room