cmshaw: Homestuck: Terezi holds her dragon cane and ponders justice (Troll Justice)
so, uh. it's possible that i've tripped and fallen into homestuck recently.


it's...technically still a comics fandom? it laughs in the face of half-hearted universe reboots? just to say "hello" it has time travel more complicated than even the very best doctor/river date? it ships hatesex and nonsex equally?


so anyway, who can hook a human up with some good terezi, tavros, or gamzee fanstuff?
cmshaw: DC Comics: Bart waves his hands in the air (Hey hey hey)
so you guys might remember the bad news i got about a year and a half ago, that i had thyroid cancer? long rambling ) long rambling short: no more thyroid cancer! caveat )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Kory cries "X'Hal!" (X'Hal!)
61 icons from Red Hood and the Outlaws issues 1-4, featuring Koriand'r (Starfire).

Feel free to use and alter any of the icons in the post -- please just drop me a comment and let me know which ones you like! If you use one and want to credit me, that'd be awesome too.

Floating in uniform, from the knees up. Text: STARFIRE Kori and Roy making bemused faces, in uniform, from the chest up Close-up on Kori facing viewer in fabulous civilian attire (pink sunglasses, dangling earrings, high white collar)

61 Kori icons! )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Impulse rips open bright Xmas presents, crying out: "For Me?" (Which Ones Are For Me? This One?)

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Nov. 13th, 2011 03:15 pm
cmshaw: due South: OPEN 24 HRS: Vecchio and Dief can wait a long time in this diner (Always waiting here)
it's my ten year blogiversary today!

i feel that it's appropriate to break my recent silent streak to say that....
cmshaw: DC Comics: Jaime throws up his hands (Seriously you guys)
Icons featuring Jaime Reyes from Blue Beetle for the [community profile] chromicons 7-week icon challenge: character study.

A dozen icons for Jaime )

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icon: villain Tutorial for the 'villain' icon on handling word bubbles )
cmshaw: xxxHOLiC: Yuuko is magnificent in furs and a cigarette holder, of course (Magnificence)
Icons featuring Yūko Ichihara from xxxHolic for the [community profile] chromicons 7-week icon challenge: rainbow.

It's a rainbow! )

All 10 icons in this entry are available for use, including customization; I'd love a comment and credit if you take one (or more). Or just a comment, if you like them!
cmshaw: DC Comics: Shiva unmasks behind a bloody sword (Not your lady)
Icons featuring Lady Shiva (Sandra Woosan) from DC Comics for the [community profile] chromicons 7-week challenge: single fandom.

01-03 icon 1: Shiva stands with one hand on her hip and the other hand swinging nunchaku; she is wearing a black bodysuit with a red pouched belt and the background is very pink (Batman 427) icon 2: Shiva kicks someone with a CHUFT sound effect and a glowing visual effect; she is backlit in a bodysuit (Batman 534) icon 3: Shiva is visible in a diagonal stripe, her hand sweeping up, with someone offpanel crying 'The Leopard Blow!'; she is wearing a yellow headscarf and a red jacket (Birds of Prey: Manhunt)
33 more Shiva icons )

All 36 icons in this entry are available for use, including customization; I'd love a comment and credit if you take one (or more). Or just a comment, if you like them!

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cmshaw: Batman: Batman slips into a bat-shaped hole in the ice (Ice is nice)
well, that was my first earthquake! freaky.
cmshaw: A simple dialogue bubble reads: Batman and Robin on their jet-skates! Quick, Tark, use your ray-gun! (Use your ray-gun)
the meme: "Go look at your blog/journal. Find the last Fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?"

the characters: peter burke, neal caffrey, the entire crew of the enterprise, tony stark, and roy harper.

the conclusion: something blew up somewhere at some point and now i am drunk and missing my pants. zombie apocalypse? what zombie apocalypse? i think i missed it.

some recs!

Jun. 17th, 2011 07:14 pm
cmshaw: DC Comics: Jaime throws up his hands (Seriously you guys)
white collar vid by [personal profile] giandujakiss: what new york used to be

new york as a metaphor for peter and neal's crumbling relationship at the end of the last season. at last, a perfect use for all of those flashy flashy establishing shots that white collar loves so much!

star trek: tos vid by miss sheenie: tik tok

as far as i know, this vid is alas only available on youtube. fantastic timing, which is so, so important with a pop song, and great color. and hysterically funny, of course.

iron man/dcu fic by [personal profile] derryderrydown: iron boy series

speaking of hysterically funny! it's roy harper and tony stark, ooh yeah.
cmshaw: TICKY BOX?!? -- this underwear has pom-poms and googly eyes! (Ticky box)
so i thought to myself, "self, if you keep waiting for a deep and insightful topic, you will never post again. post something silly."

sex toy tech? )
cmshaw: Robin, chained to the wall, feels the need to write out "Careful! Trap!" in the dust as Batman rushes in (Me & the World's Greatest Detective)
okay, tracking this mostly for myself:

characters i care about in the new dcu )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Impulse rips open bright Xmas presents, crying out: "For Me?" (Which Ones Are For Me? This One?)
someday i will post regularly to this journal again. today is not that day; today is a day for more [community profile] kink_bingo!

ageplay danger mechanical / technological dirty talk spanking / paddling
caning piercings / needleplay humiliation (situational) bloodplay medical kink
possession / marking emotion play wildcard wet, messy, dirty enemas
humiliation (verbal) painplay (other) shaving / depilation uniforms / military kink gender play
held down food body alteration / injury electricity collars
cmshaw: DC Comics: A woman retorts, "Nonsense -- Wonder Woman knows I'm straight!" (Wonder Woman knows many things)
iconset: 18 Wonder Woman 100x100 (ish) icons
meta: finding my kinks in the creation of these icons
kink: locks/chains
content notes for iconset and for meta: (skip) locks/chains and the breaking thereof; bondage and the breaking thereof; non-consensual superhero captivity and the perving thereon
icon use: anyone may use or modify any of these icons; please credit cmshaw
meta beta: thanks to [personal profile] lightgetsin
yes, yes: given an entire year and a 5x5 card, i did manage to fill just one square, it's true, but i filled it three times!

iconset )

meta )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Impulse rips open bright Xmas presents, crying out: "For Me?" (Which Ones Are For Me? This One?)
in which i am thankful:

* Solidarity is the one and only Lonely Werewolf Girl story out there, and it is all about Thrix and Malveria and how much they love each other! Thank you so much, yuletider!

* and [personal profile] lightgetsin did indeed find the perfect xmas present! let me quote: "introductory-level courses in historical swordsmanship teach the basics of fighting with the TWO-HANDED SWORD (the medieval knightly weapon, also known as the Longsword) and the RAPIER (the dueling sword of the Renaissance) . . . students are introduced to the basic guards and strikes of the 15th-century German Liechtenauer school of fencing with the two-handed sword [and] the basic stances, guards and techniques of Italian rapier combat." that is indeed the present for me, is it not?

and now to eat ALL THE THINGS in preparation for january, the month in which i will be allowed to eat almost none of the things.


Nov. 11th, 2010 02:37 pm
cmshaw: DC Comics: Robin and Wonder Girl have HUGS TIME (So what if they're looking?)
am home from hospital. [personal profile] lightgetsin is totally hero of revolution. naps now!
cmshaw: Fullmetal Alchemist: Winry repairs Ed's arm (Mechanic)
Hey guys -- [personal profile] lightgetsin posting for [personal profile] cmshaw, who came through surgery well this morning.

I asked her if there was anything she wanted to say to the internets, and she said, “mrrrr?” My girlfriendly powers of translation suggest that she is currently feeling kind of like this guy, with maybe a bit of this guy.

We probably get to bring her home tomorrow, so there’s that. Next stop: radioactivity some time in the new year. Wagers on her post-treatment superpower welcome.

ETA: She just said, in tones of raspy outrage, "this is terrible tea." I feel this is a very positive sign.