cmshaw: Nepeta wears Equius's sunglasses and his scowl (Nepeta pawns)
A partial transcription from the Homestuck scene Equius: Seek the highb100d for a "gender play" kink_bingo square.

a number of large screencaps with text transcriptions )
cmshaw: Robin, chained to the wall, feels the need to write out "Careful! Trap!" in the dust as Batman rushes in (Me & the World's Greatest Detective)
okay, tracking this mostly for myself:

characters i care about in the new dcu )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Batman lurks, suggesting the explanation: "Because it's fun?" (Batman likes fun)
oh, comics.

red robin 13: tim calls dibs on lynx, "the sexy gang leader who probably likes me".

red robin 13 scan )

and how do you know she likes you, timmy?

robin: a hero reborn 1: lynx picks up fourteen-year-old tim in a bar in paris.

robin: a hero reborn 1 scan )

fourteen years old. canon is always crazier than fanon in comics, in case you forget.
cmshaw: DC Comics: Detective Yin gives Batman a hand up (On the inside)
but then i had to go out and deal with people. in a mall!

happy fandom thoughts:

* oh, bruce. seriously. from red robin #2, tim ponders his new "red robin" role: I still have to work on my new 'voice' )

* oh, steph! and tim! from batgirl #3, steph gets dosed by scarecrow: A weaponized rage-drug )

* i am pondering yuletide nominations and trying to figure out if i should change my nominations to include hothead paisan. at the moment i'm leaning toward swapping it for when night is falling, but i fret! and i seem to be the only person nominating any of these six fandoms, which makes me feel all responsible.
cmshaw: DC Comics: Kory cries "X'Hal!" (X'Hal!)
last night i had a dream with young justice in. bart was trying to keep a secret that batman had given him and robin in a black leather jacket enlisted max's help to get hold of it...i don't remember the details, but it was cracktastic and awesome.

today is going to be a day of laundry, seventies comic books, and perhaps the gay pride festival if i feel like going downtown.

(richard dragon: kung fu fighter is completely bizarre -- its plots make no sense, in context or out of it. also, names change from one issue to the next. i'm reading it slowly because otherwise my head would explode.)
cmshaw: DC Comics: Kory cries "X'Hal!" (X'Hal!)
i'm putting together a list of trek:reboot recs, a handful of stories and vids which have been amusing me lately, but just in case you had any reason to wonder:

yes, my heart is still in comics. )

kick ass

May. 3rd, 2009 08:11 pm
cmshaw: DC Comics: Detective Yin gives Batman a hand up (On the inside)
so, back on track! the batman season two starts off awesome. in the first episode, batman does something so stupid that i almost couldn't keep watching, but it turned out okay, and do you know why? that's right: because detective ellen yin is not stupid. and then, in the second episode, she beat up six of riddler's henchmen with her bare hands after solving some of his riddles.

yes, please!

i don't think this character exists outside of this universe's canon*, and i really want y'all to join me here so that she can spread through the multiverse, but. i know she has to go away so that gordon can step in and i'm really really scared that i'm going to hate gordon like burning for it. i don't want to! but it's so very hard to trust.

* apparently she's an au version of commissioner ellen yindel from dkr? wikipedia tells me so, but it does not cite its sources. bad wikipedia!
cmshaw: DC Comics: Robin and Wonder Girl have HUGS TIME (So what if they're looking?)
the batman 1x08 "Q&A". on the one hand, LITTLE ARTY BROWN the bitter ex-gameshow prodigy. on the, no wife and daughter in this universe, eh?

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