cmshaw: Homestuck: Terezi holds her dragon cane and ponders justice (Troll Justice)
Here I offer to you twenty-five art recs for a [community profile] kink_bingo card black-out, just under the wire for January's mini-challenge sort of tripping over the wire and stumbling around on the edge of January's mini-challenge.

Image previews and rec text contain the following: underage characters in kinky and sexual situations, non-consenting characters, and incest; no other standard kink_bingo notes (self-harm/suicide) apply, but note that the images are NSFW and also contain violence, including blood and death.

blacked-out card with image previews as links, 1000px wide )

and here are the individual recs! )
cmshaw: Homestuck: Roxy is haxxoring (deadlay to the corporate grid)
because i'm kind of proud of this, my two tiny vids!

preview: jump the pony
embedded behind cut )

preview: lesbian vampires from outer space
embedded behind cut )
cmshaw: Homestuck: Karkat shooshes and paps Gamzee (righteous pap and blessed shoosh)
A rec for the kink_bingo square "emotion play".

one vid rec with embedded vid )
cmshaw: Nepeta wears Equius's sunglasses and his scowl (Nepeta pawns)
A partial transcription from the Homestuck scene Equius: Seek the highb100d for a "gender play" kink_bingo square.

a number of large screencaps with text transcriptions )
cmshaw: Nepeta and Equius text back and forth going "yes" "no" "yes" "no" (Big Fight)
kinks: washing/cleaning, humiliation (verbal), held down, in public (four kinks toward a line bingo)
fandoms: Homestuck

As usual, please feel free to use or modify any of these icons!

four icons (three with animated and nonanimated versions) )
cmshaw: Homestuck: Rose, gone grimdark, tumbles through the darkness; caption: I told her about stares (I warned you sis)
kinks: rough body play, animal play, bloodplay, phonesex/epistolary, writing on the body
fandoms: Homestuck

As usual, please feel free to use or modify any of these icons!

five icons (four with animated and nonanimated versions) )
cmshaw: Nepeta wears Equius's sunglasses and his scowl (Nepeta pawns)
note for myself: snagging a new card to get an animal play square for horuss get some fresh blood!

communal card #7 )
cmshaw: Homestuck: Roxy sips a classy martini under the words "Your breasts are an ocean" (Your breasts are an ocean)
kinks: smacking/slapping, wet messy dirty, object penetration, chastity devices, food
fandom: Homestuck

I posted these to tumblr first, but here they are for DW!


drabble: Rose Lalonde/Vriska Serket, smacking/slapping
content notes )
drabble )

drabble: Nepeta Leijon/Terezi Pyrope, wet messy dirty
content notes )
drabble )

drabble: Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde, object penetration
content notes )
drabble )

drabble: Jady Harley/Kanaya Maryam, chastity device
content notes )
drabble )

drabble: Aradia Megido/Feferi Peixes, food
content notes )
drabble )
cmshaw: Homestuck: Karkat shooshes and paps Gamzee (righteous pap and blessed shoosh)
icons! i have produced more icons! huzzah for [community profile] kink_bingo amnesty. have some karkat (yelling) and john (enjoying) for my "humiliation (verbal)" square!

(content note: people under 18 portrayed for this kink; no other standard kink_bingo notes apply.)


as usual, all icons in this set are available. please comment if you use them! and credit would be cool too.

five more icons, in animated and non-animated forms )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Impulse rips open bright Xmas presents, crying out: "For Me?" (Which Ones Are For Me? This One?)
someday i will post regularly to this journal again. today is not that day; today is a day for more [community profile] kink_bingo!

ageplay danger mechanical / technological dirty talk spanking / paddling
caning piercings / needleplay humiliation (situational) bloodplay medical kink
possession / marking emotion play wildcard wet, messy, dirty enemas
humiliation (verbal) painplay (other) shaving / depilation uniforms / military kink gender play
held down food body alteration / injury electricity collars
cmshaw: DC Comics: A woman retorts, "Nonsense -- Wonder Woman knows I'm straight!" (Wonder Woman knows many things)
iconset: 18 Wonder Woman 100x100 (ish) icons
meta: finding my kinks in the creation of these icons
kink: locks/chains
content notes for iconset and for meta: (skip) locks/chains and the breaking thereof; bondage and the breaking thereof; non-consensual superhero captivity and the perving thereon
icon use: anyone may use or modify any of these icons; please credit cmshaw
meta beta: thanks to [personal profile] lightgetsin
yes, yes: given an entire year and a 5x5 card, i did manage to fill just one square, it's true, but i filled it three times!

iconset )

meta )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Batman lurks, suggesting the explanation: "Because it's fun?" (Batman likes fun)
i'll bet you thought i forgot all about this, didn't you. (yes, this is the first square i've filled on my card!)

iconset: 10 plus 1 batman/catwoman 100x100 icons
kink: locks/chains (specifically, handcuffs)
content notes: (skip) nonconsensual-ish (yet playful) handcuffing, bonus exhibitionism
use: anyone may use or modify any of these icons; please credit cmshaw

The Batman Strikes #13: Catwoman fondles the handcuff around one of her wrists see the rest )
cmshaw: DC Comics: Bruce Wayne spanks Robin (Kink what kink)
seriously, how did it get to be june already?

i can't even process how soon con.txt is happening, even though our ducks are almost all set up. it's like magic, and by "magic" i mean "a lot of work but omg it's going to be awesome"!

i picked up a kink bingo card, because one square within a year is totally something i can do, right? right! glad you agree -- and anyway, "voyeurism"? i'm still in batman fandom; that's kind of a gimme. it's kind of cheating, even. (i can't even recognize "costumes" as a kink yet -- that may take some effort!)

kink_bingo card! )