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so you guys might remember the bad news i got about a year and a half ago, that i had thyroid cancer? long rambling ) long rambling short: no more thyroid cancer! caveat )
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well, that was my first earthquake! freaky.
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so i thought to myself, "self, if you keep waiting for a deep and insightful topic, you will never post again. post something silly."

sex toy tech? )
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in which i am thankful:

* Solidarity is the one and only Lonely Werewolf Girl story out there, and it is all about Thrix and Malveria and how much they love each other! Thank you so much, yuletider!

* and [personal profile] lightgetsin did indeed find the perfect xmas present! let me quote: "introductory-level courses in historical swordsmanship teach the basics of fighting with the TWO-HANDED SWORD (the medieval knightly weapon, also known as the Longsword) and the RAPIER (the dueling sword of the Renaissance) . . . students are introduced to the basic guards and strikes of the 15th-century German Liechtenauer school of fencing with the two-handed sword [and] the basic stances, guards and techniques of Italian rapier combat." that is indeed the present for me, is it not?

and now to eat ALL THE THINGS in preparation for january, the month in which i will be allowed to eat almost none of the things.


Nov. 11th, 2010 02:37 pm
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am home from hospital. [personal profile] lightgetsin is totally hero of revolution. naps now!
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cancer surgery on wednesday )

also, tip which i pass along: when you're having surgery, ask if you need to replace piercings with nonmetallic retainers. if you don't have any visible they might not mention it, but electrocautery can make metal piercings elsewhere in the body heat up, i'm told. and that's not okay!

anyway, thank you all for your comments on my previous post! <3
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things like this are why i love working from home.

me, sitting in my office chair: hey, what's that thumping noise?
my cat sebastian, lying on his back and rabbit-kicking a toy mouse: what noise?
me: you're playing with a cat toy!
sebastian, holding very still: you're imagining things.
me, spinning around in my chair to face him: i saw you!
sebastian, licking one paw and ignoring the toy mouse lying several inches away: can't a fellow take care of some personal hygiene without being accused of frivolity?
me: i need to get a security camera in here.

okay, okay

Mar. 24th, 2010 12:24 pm
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i went completely without posting in february. not for any particular reason -- it was just one of those things where it started as "i shouldn't post until i do x," and then x became xyz, etc., so on, i think we all know the drill. so! since this week seems to be largely a wash already (and it's only wednesday, i'm afraid), i might as well make the sort of "ain't dead...don't remember what else to say" post that always feels a bit stupid before march gets away from me as well.

there, now that's over with.


Dec. 30th, 2009 11:31 pm
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i'm at my family's home for xmas, with [personal profile] lightgetsin and my dad. my uncle was here over xmas itself and my brother and his not-a-girlfriend are currently roaming about the countryside taking in the (very very cold) sights. and yes, there was more snow in virginia that there is up here in connecticut (although i understand it's melting rather alarmingly back home), but it's a whole lot colder here. yesterday light and i spent pretty much the entire day in the room with the woodstove -- i was telecommuting and she was writing things y'all are likely to enjoy a lot! -- except for a very brief excursion to throw a frisbee for the dogs in between wind gusts. (light's dog can catch a frisbee in the air about half of the time, which is cause for extremely victorious victory laps. my dad's dog...well, she can tell you've tossed something and she'll go look at it and leave it there.) then my dad came home and totally pwned me at kids' books*.

speaking of kids' books, remind me to scan my 1935 lolcats book for y'all!

xmas presents highlights: electronic rubik's cube (it can solve itself!), the complete calvin and hobbes (gorgeous and heavy!), and a tea-of-the-month subscription (because i needed more tea, right?).

yuletide present: Proposition VIII from gael baudino's dragonsword books. it is so very much like the books, i am amazed! if anyone else out there has read these books, go, go read my story!

as for the yuletidery which i have wrought, i only finished one of the two stories i intended for my primary recipient. the one which just kept growing growing. it SHALL be posted! and it shall be epic! and i am very glad that i finished up the other one, which is not epic but was still quite fun. and admitting that i wasn't going to finish the epic allowed me to pick up a little madness story as well.

i'm tracking yuletide (and other, eventually) recs here: female man - russ, spindle's end - mckinley, chronicles of the kencyrath - hodgell, grosse pointe blank, oregon trail, white collar, lovelace and babbage, and dragonsword so far! and i need to shift over a few spirited away recs as well. i'm trying to comment as i rec-bookmark, so we'll see how that works out.

and i'm uploading my older stories as i have time, too. egads. i appear to have spent many years not believing in titles. now i have to find a hundred or so all at once! sigh. so if you suddenly get a gift notification from me for something i wrote for you five years ago, uploading is why!

* the kids' book in question is it's raining, said john twaining by n.m. bodecker, and the rhyme which i completely flubbed and which my dad then recited by glancing at the book and then looking away:

There once was a King
who had three daughters.
The oldest he called Sip!
The second he called Sip sippernip!
But the youngest of all he called
Sip sippernip sip sirumsip!

Not far away lived another King
who had three sons.
The oldest was called Skrat!
The second was called Skrat skratterat!
But the youngest of all was called
Skrat skratterat skrat skrirumskrat!

Now by and by
the two Kings got together,
the King who had three daughters
and the King who had three sons,
and decided that their children
should marry.
And married they were!

Sipsippernip got Skratskratterat
Sipsippernipsipsirumsip got Skratskratteratskratskrirumskrat. As simple as that!

omg snow

Dec. 19th, 2009 06:25 pm
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my yuletide level was OMGWTFPOLARBEARS, but then the sky descended upon us and now i don't really think i want to invoke polar bears! so i shall say that i'm still writing.

(there was a headline on the wapo site this afternoon that said "bears have trouble getting to baltimore" and i had a moment of pure "...!" before i realized that they were probably talking about the sports team.)

as for the snow, this post may explain it. also, there was cocoa with raspberry schnapps. (it appears i have finally found a use for the raspberry schnapps! thank goodness.)

work is still awesome, by the way. my project is interesting and i have all the control over it that i need in order to accomplish it, but people are also still answering my questions when i ask them with useful answers! i know, right? and this whole working from home thing remains very, very pleasing, especially to my cats.

project for when i have the !@#$ yuletide finished: upload the rest of my fic to the ao3. because i've only had my beta account since september what. sigh. (eta: i love this yuletide story that i'm writing! but the problem is that i love it so much that every time i sit down to write i come up with MORE of it and now i am afraid that it WILL NOT EVER END, OMG, DEADLINE, BUT IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. so that's what i mean by "!@#$ yuletide".)

working gal

Dec. 1st, 2009 10:07 pm
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i started my new job today! and i'm really really happy with it (you know, above and beyond the whole "not unemployed" angle). a bunch of the people that i used to work for in atlanta have formed a new software company and i'm going to be telecommuting to work for them from dc. i'm in atlanta this week to meet the new crowd -- and by "new" i mean "four people in the whole office are not previous coworkers" -- and already i've been sitting down in front of code for my first project. and it's a neat part of database programming! and they're all, "of course we're using the latest development software." i cannot help but think that these are all very good signs.

and i have an official email address @ my new company. now i know it's real!
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civilization demands new skills: one of the things i've done with my little enforced vacation is finally go in and get fitted for contact lenses. and, just as i expected, i am really bad at poking myself in the eye. i keep blinking! because there's something coming at my eye! so we'll see how this goes.

anyway, important stuff: the new batgirl comics! )

and today's best typo: "bugs < Adding photos: Every time I add a photo to the group it despairs!" ...maybe try more cheerful pictures?
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so, every day that i've been unemployed i've been finding some reason to leave my apartment, if only to go downstairs and read for a while on the side lawn. tomorrow, for example, i'll go to the grocery store and the library.

today i went to the maryland renaissance festival with [personal profile] abka, [ profile] denis77, [personal profile] ellen_fremedon, and [personal profile] uschickens. we watched the jousting, threw hand axes near targets, saw aerial silk performers, heard some stomping good music, rode on an elephant, and people-watched the many many many lots of folks in all sorts of apparel. (you have to eat some of your food on a stick at a ren fest -- it's a rule! i had a chocolate-dipped frozen banana on a stick. tasty! on the other hand, i do not know and do not want to know how one manages macaroni and cheese on a stick....) it was a shiny day!
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hi, everybody! so, the good news is that that job of mine which had been making me steadily more stressed out and miserable over the past year or so is no longer my job: i am free of it.

the bad news is that i don't currently have any other job.

i've spent the last few days napping and cleaning and reading through a giant stack of library comfort books, and i'm starting to remember that i used to spend time talking to people. saying interesting things, as nostalgia has it, even! perhaps i should try doing that now.
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hey, sorry for not posting last night -- i wasn't in the metro crash yesterday, nor as far as i've heard was anyone i know. (in fact, the first i heard of it was when my brother in california caught the news and texted me!)

i was on that very train line a few days ago ([personal profile] neotoma and i had a big comics geek-out this weekend), but this is neither horseshoes nor hand grenades so i'm fine. the radio this morning said seven dead and two still critical, though, which is pretty awful.
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work is kicking my ass lately, but at least i'm still kicking back.

and at least i have no shortage of comic books to read whenever i feel too much like a grown-up! (even if i then go on to do what we like to call "adult" things with them....)
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[personal profile] minotaurs died of a heart attack this morning. [ profile] esprix is passing the word along to his fannish friends here and in other posts to cons minotaurs attended.

we were never especially close, but he was one of those people who had been in my circle of friends for years and years, crossing fandoms like you do and always a lot of fun to hang around with when we met up. it's hard to think that he's not going to turn up next time.
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last night i had a dream with young justice in. bart was trying to keep a secret that batman had given him and robin in a black leather jacket enlisted max's help to get hold of it...i don't remember the details, but it was cracktastic and awesome.

today is going to be a day of laundry, seventies comic books, and perhaps the gay pride festival if i feel like going downtown.

(richard dragon: kung fu fighter is completely bizarre -- its plots make no sense, in context or out of it. also, names change from one issue to the next. i'm reading it slowly because otherwise my head would explode.)
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i mean, sql server certified. whatever.

anyway, my point is, work should be a little better now. subtext: being an adult sucks a lot, some days.

i got to the testing center early and went around the block to the pretty little riverside park, though. if i'd been thinking ahead, i might have brought bread for the ducks -- so it's good that i didn't think, because there was also a mob of geese keeping a number of beady eyes on me. also several turtles, a stray dragonfly, and a number of birds. it helped settle me down enough to pass the whole four-hour exam in two hours. (it's not really a four-hour exam; there's no earthly way to make thirty-five multiple choice questions and twelve practical exercises take four hours, so the timing aspect is just a nice way to keep the pressure off, but it sounds impressive, yeah?)