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Here I offer to you twenty-five art recs for a [community profile] kink_bingo card black-out, just under the wire for January's mini-challenge sort of tripping over the wire and stumbling around on the edge of January's mini-challenge.

Image previews and rec text contain the following: underage characters in kinky and sexual situations, non-consenting characters, and incest; no other standard kink_bingo notes (self-harm/suicide) apply, but note that the images are NSFW and also contain violence, including blood and death.

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cmshaw: Homestuck: Karkat shooshes and paps Gamzee (righteous pap and blessed shoosh)
A rec for the kink_bingo square "emotion play".

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cmshaw: Homestuck: Rose, gone grimdark, tumbles through the darkness; caption: I told her about stares (I warned you sis)
and now, have some* homestuck fiction recs!

* for a nicely numerically balanced value of "some". so there.

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if you can do a rec set in a mathematically connected way -- say, with 6, 12, and 18 recs togethers -- are you obliged to do so?

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yes, of course. these things must be balanced! arbitrary and unrelated numbers of things are just sloppy posting.
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cmshaw: Homestuck: Gamzee will honk your shit up (motherfucking HONK)
because procrastination is always seasonal, i present to you:

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cmshaw: Homestuck: Roxy sips a classy martini under the words "Your breasts are an ocean" (Your breasts are an ocean)
Taking a Fall: Illustrated fic by Team Dirk <3 Equius
This is an amazing story about Equius being gently yet firmly led to the admission that he really wants to be submissive to Dirk. It's sweet and caring and everything that's perfect about Dirk being the best top Equius could ask for.

Untitled: Art by Team Terezi <3 Vriska
Seven reversible heart cards for Vriska and Terezi, in different styles. I am amazed by the Queen of Hearts -- a card of Terezi as thrown together by Vriska while pretending she doesn't care -- and the Six of Hearts -- a card of Terezi upright and reversed, before and after the Thief's justice.

Untitled: Fic by Team Equius <3 Eridan
In which Eridan is a clever dickhead and Equius is a bit stodgy, and they both love it. What I really love about this one is how much they've grown up while still being so very recognizable from their teenaged selves.

Denudation: Illustrated Fic by Team Karkat <3 Sollux
And this one has two teenaged boys being so, so stupid in order to impress each other. Karkat and Sollux are definitely acting their age here.

never kissed goodbye (the love of our lives): Fic by Team Dave <3 Rose <3 Terezi
This one had some impressively laid out worldbuilding for a short story! And some impressive characterization built up, especially in how the threesome is so clear from the interactions between only two of the three.

The Chance to Abscond: Fic/Art by Team Grand Highblood <3< Summoner
It's the human troll side of the legendary revolutionary who, it turns out, really is all that and more. This is a love story about the politics and the people both, and it reads like the sexy part of a really fantastic adventure novel.

Untitled: Art by Team Sollux <> Terezi
Incredibly detailed art of Sollux and Terezi all dolled up for a casino night. They look highly dapper and pleased with themselves, as they always should.

And some brief mentions:
* Know when to fold, boys. (Art/watercolor: Eridan <3 Feferi <3 Sollux <3< Eridan) -- Adorable!
* Says the Dragon to the Mama Cat (Comic: Nepeta <3 Terezi) -- Also adorable!
* Game of Gods (Fic/Art: Jade <3 Rose) -- Gods as kids, kids as gods
* And somewhere in the darkness the gambler, he broke even (Illustrated Fic: Rose <3 Roxy) -- Brilliant, even though it didn't sell me on the <3
* seize the fucking day (Fic/Art: Dave <3 Rose) -- Beautiful and tragic
* How to Cheat at Cards for Fun and Profit (Fic/Art: Aradia <> Sollux) -- Shenanigans on fantastic display
* Good cards. Best deck. (Art: Jade <3 Karkat) -- Another cool set of cards
* Blight of my Life (Illustrated Fic: John <3 Karkat) -- Cool AU in which John & Karkat are exactly themselves anyway
* Untitled (Art: Meenah <3 Roxy) -- Yeah, they totally would
* In which Vriska and John are secret agents and infiltrate a casino on a mission that is originally supposed to be a scouting one, but turns into much more and concludes with the two of them becoming moirails (Art/Fic: John <> Vriska) -- Delightful caper!
cmshaw: Homestuck: Terezi holds her dragon cane and ponders justice (Troll Justice)
so, uh. it's possible that i've tripped and fallen into homestuck recently.


it's...technically still a comics fandom? it laughs in the face of half-hearted universe reboots? just to say "hello" it has time travel more complicated than even the very best doctor/river date? it ships hatesex and nonsex equally?


so anyway, who can hook a human up with some good terezi, tavros, or gamzee fanstuff?

some recs!

Jun. 17th, 2011 07:14 pm
cmshaw: DC Comics: Jaime throws up his hands (Seriously you guys)
white collar vid by [personal profile] giandujakiss: what new york used to be

new york as a metaphor for peter and neal's crumbling relationship at the end of the last season. at last, a perfect use for all of those flashy flashy establishing shots that white collar loves so much!

star trek: tos vid by miss sheenie: tik tok

as far as i know, this vid is alas only available on youtube. fantastic timing, which is so, so important with a pop song, and great color. and hysterically funny, of course.

iron man/dcu fic by [personal profile] derryderrydown: iron boy series

speaking of hysterically funny! it's roy harper and tony stark, ooh yeah.
cmshaw: DC Comics: Impulse rips open bright Xmas presents, crying out: "For Me?" (Which Ones Are For Me? This One?)
in which i am thankful:

* Solidarity is the one and only Lonely Werewolf Girl story out there, and it is all about Thrix and Malveria and how much they love each other! Thank you so much, yuletider!

* and [personal profile] lightgetsin did indeed find the perfect xmas present! let me quote: "introductory-level courses in historical swordsmanship teach the basics of fighting with the TWO-HANDED SWORD (the medieval knightly weapon, also known as the Longsword) and the RAPIER (the dueling sword of the Renaissance) . . . students are introduced to the basic guards and strikes of the 15th-century German Liechtenauer school of fencing with the two-handed sword [and] the basic stances, guards and techniques of Italian rapier combat." that is indeed the present for me, is it not?

and now to eat ALL THE THINGS in preparation for january, the month in which i will be allowed to eat almost none of the things.
cmshaw: DC Comics: Kory cries "X'Hal!" (X'Hal!)
i'm working on some stuff for the 3 weeks for dreamwidth thing, but i'm also running around like crazy trying to get [community profile] con_txt programming set up, so rather than post nothing i will point and rec:

* Might spit like a girl but I hit like a guy (DC Comics, Jason Todd (any era), glitter and broken bones) by [personal profile] gloss
* The Forbidden Dance (due South, Fraser/RayK, dancing) by [personal profile] busaikko

* Faize/Arumat; size difference (Tri-Ace Kink Meme) by [personal profile] kiwikiwi

* Disability flircle meme by [personal profile] lightgetsin
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yes, i've been pondering that kink challenge. unfortunately, i don't seem to have a link to the kinkiest batstory ever -- can anyone help me find it again? it's the one where bruce goads tim into tying him up and then tim dresses him up and tells him he's a good man and there's no sex at all.

eta: [personal profile] gloss found it -- A Symptom of Affection and Silence by [personal profile] brownbetty!

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